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Product features

Secure by design

Isolation of components makes circuit breakers straightforward to implement
Arbitrary multi-signature setups with independent withdraw limits for each key
Defence in depth: three levels of withdraw limit controls, stealth mode for signers
Offline transaction signing, air-gapped withdraw limits control with paper trail
Address tagging, with ability to freeze incoming funds on receipt
In-depth overview of security features


Unlimited number of wallets. Configs of keys, address sets and policies can be customized per-wallet
Bulk payments with payment batching, automatic and manual scheduling, payment groups
Fee-dependent transaction size optimization to decrease overall transaction fees over time
Different address formats and schemes, seamless upgrade from old address formats
In-depth overview of enterprise features

Powerful API

Easy to create specialized or general-purpose cryptocurrency handling applications and services
Up-to-date support for current blockchain technologies and trends
One common interface for all supported cryptocurrencies
Blockchain-specific details are abstracted away, but still available when required
Simple to integrate into existing solutions
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