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Simplexum API


In a simple scenario, developers simply create outgoing orders (withdrawals) and process incoming orders (deposits), and need to care only about a handful of order properties, like the source and destination addresses, and the payment amount. All heavy lifting is done within the Simplexum system.

When application requirements are more sophisticated, developers can go deeper, shaping payments and funds storage as desired for the task at hand. They can add new keys, manage multisignature configurations, schedule order processing, cancel pending orders, and more.

Our API is as blockchain-agnostic as possible, and client application code can be the same for different cryptocurrencies. Even when you really need to go under the hood, the size of blockchain-specific code in a client application is minimal.

The Simplexum payment engine offers REST API via HTTPS, a widely used and understood format for internet APIs. Specification of the API is offered in OpenAPI 2.0 format, which is also widely used and understood by developers, and has great tooling for integration in different applications.

When a blockchain experts need to look at low-level payment details, it is easy to give them all required information, as each order (both withdrawals and deposits) in Simplexum has underlying blockchain transaction details attached.